From the moment I first laid eyes upon what would eventually be my first filly, I instantly felt a connection to her that I could not simply walk away from. Following her adoption, Eternity became my life force and I integrated her into every facet of my life that was humanly possible. As time progressed, I often wondered what this connection actually was… because the word “bond” just didn’t seem to fit the depth of what I was feeling. It wasn’t until years after I loss the biggest part of my heart to colic that I started thinking about the connection we had and why it was so devastating when it was shattered into a million pieces.

For moments at a time, I would gaze at our photos together, searching for the word that made sense of it all, but I was always at a loss. Perhaps, I thought, there simply was not a word to describe the passionate bond one can form between a wild creature and a lost spirit. It was only then I realized that was it.

But in my heart, I knew it was more unique than simply wild spirit–it had to be something to stand apart from the crowd while not losing its meaning. I decided to combine the word and place an “e” at the end in honor of my wild, Eternity. As I did more research, I learned that “spirite” in Romanian is translated “spirits” in English. It perfectly described everything I had been searching for; the explanation for when two [spirits] become one in one of the strongest bonds known to mankind.

Wildspirite was born out of a passion and love for wild horses. Since I first adopted Eternity and my eyes were opened to the world of Mustangs, it’s been my ultimate dream to work with these incredible spirits. It is my hope that one day I will be able to gentle Mustangs that are currently held within the BLM’s holding facilities to offer them a chance at a newfound freedom with a person to call their own. I know what an incredible effect wild horses have had on my life and I wish every person had the same opportunity–especially those who are lost, broken and wandering aimlessly in a less-than-ideal world.

Horses have a truly unique ability to heal hearts and save lives. My bond with horses has always been spiritual, which is why my three were named Eternity, Reign and Spirit. As we wait for all of God’s promises to be fulfilled, it is my mission in life to help broken-hearted ones find comfort not only in one of the greatest companions there is, but in the scriptures as well. There’s nothing better than having those two worlds collide, for that is an experience that is truly indescribable.