Just The Two of Us

Just The Two of Us

Once I had walked about the ranch, documenting as much as I could in photos on my phone, I walked over to spend the rest of the quiet morning with Perseus. Preferring to be on the safe side (no pun intended?), I decided to sit outside his corral since no one else was awake yet. When I had taken photos up at the barn, I found a plastic bag and grabbed a large plastic water bottle jug, figuring maybe Perseus would be interested in a few new things this morning. Back at the corral, I rustled the crinkly, yellow plastic bag and waited for his reaction. Pricked ears, intent eyes, he watched this strange thing dance in my hands. I slowly folded up the bag as small as I could and held it out for him to smell. After he touched it with his nose, I unfolded it and his eyes got big in wonderment. He must have just realized that I have super powers. Once again outstretched his nose to touch the unfolded bag.

After a few more times of playing with the bag, I put it aside and turned my attention to the water bottle, squeezing the plastic to create creaking and cracking sounds. Then, I rolled the jug over to Perseus’ feet. He flinched, but didn’t move his feet. I sat there in awe, feeling so blessed to get to watch this little horse grow in his bravery and his confidence over the course of just two days. He put his head down to smell the water bottle and then knocked it with his hoof. Earlier, I had given him an apple… which must have prompted him to try and taste this new object he was presented with. As he nibbled on the bottle, he began making the same cracking sounds as I had made earlier. He began to play with this new toy, pushing it with his nose, grabbing it with his teeth, and stomping it with his foot.

While he played with his new toy, I opened my resilience journal and began to write. As I wrote about my thoughts and feelings regarding my experience with the camera earlier in the morning, I realized I was grateful to have forgotten the memory card. Instead of spending the majority of my morning capturing the perfect shot, I was here, sitting with an incredible little horse that I only had a few hours left with and taking in the beautiful scenery. Looking at the hillside, the mountains in the distance… I realized, too, how little I stop to appreciate what blessings God has given us. Before we had the distraction of our modern-day technology, our concrete jungles, and our polluting modes of transportation… we had THIS. The earth, nature, life.

I felt a nose nuzzling in my hair and turned to Perseus. My heart was so full of love for him and he made me feel so special. I gave him kisses on his soft, little nose, to which he greatly returned with more nuzzling. Breakfast was soon and I was surely looking forward to our last horsemanship session. Before heading up to the barn, I pulled out my phone one last time and took photos of the two of us. I wanted to remember this horse, and the smile he put upon my face, forever.

This post is part of a series from my experience of attending the Glamp, Pamp and Revamp retreat at The Medicine Horse Project in Caliente, CA.

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