We recently received a generous gift from SaddleBox and wanted to share this amazing subscription box with our fellow horse enthusiasts! We’ve tried various subscription boxes before, but we’ve never found as many useful products that we love as we have in our SaddleBox. Plus, we love learning about new products for our horses since there aren’t as many tack shops near our small town.

Each month, SaddleBox curates a special box for you and your horse to enjoy together. We’ve had various subscription boxes before, but we were impressed with just how many different products were included in our box. We even received a special handwritten note, which is always much appreciated in this day in age.

Our SaddleBox boasted three grooming brushes, none of which we already had! Not only are these Epona Jewel Tool Groomer and Gummy Scrubby brushes available in an array of beautiful colors, but they’re coming in handy just in time for shedding season! We also received a Decker Face Brush which is perfect for keeping our horses’ faces gently groomed.

Since I’ve been diagnosed with Valley Fever and we live where it’s most prevalent in California, it’s important for me to make sure I’m inhaling as little dust and dirt as possible when working with our horses. Bandanas have become incredibly important when I don’t have a face mask readily available–plus this one just so happens to be my favorite color! Now that we’re out of the city, we’ve come to realize how important Duvet Saddle Soap is when you live in such a rural place. We’re also thankful for the Andover Co-Flex Bandage as you can never have enough when you live on a ranch!

Our horse’s favorite part of our box is most definitely the MannaPro Peppermint Nuggets. There were also two peppermint sticks included, which were probably for the horses, but we treated ourselves since the horses already got their treats (and they were delicious). We’d love to hear your thoughts on our box or learn what you’ve received in past boxes in the comments below!

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