On March 26, 2005, my life as I once knew it had changed forever. In the previous weeks, it was brought to my attention that wild horse herds were being swept from their lands and many of their lives ended at the slaughter house. Stallions, mares, and even their foals were dwindling from the open range and met with a horrific ending. At a mere eleven years old, I decided to take it upon myself to save these majestic creatures… even if only one. Within only a couple of hours of research online, I discovered a little bay Mustang filly who was available for adoption through Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Lancaster, CA. Her name was Eternity and at just one glance, I knew that she was the one for me.

We attended Lifesavers’ “Adoption Day” on March 26, 2005 and my first question was “Do you still have Eternity, the little bay filly?” To my dismay, the volunteer, Toni, who was giving us a tour informed us that she was pretty certain she had already been adopted. Downhearted, but not without hope, when we approached Lifesavers’ trainer at the time, Angi Keitel, I asked once more “Do you still have Eternity, the little bay filly?” This time, the answer ignited the fire of excitement in my heart. “Yes, we do!” We all followed Angi over to one of the corrals where Eternity was being held for potential adopters to see. She was the most incredible, most beautiful life I had ever laid eyes upon. She wasn’t just meant for me… she was made for me.

Although we lived in the suburbs (and the odds were against us for adopting not just a horse, but a Mustang filly), I did everything I could to prove that I need this little horse in my life. After tons of research and many tears of desperation, my family surprised me with a visit to the ranch. By the time we arrived… Eternity had already been adopted. For me. In the following years, Eternity and I grew up together and our bond became unbreakable. Never in a million years would I have imagined what life, a true partnership, with a Mustang would be like. She not only taught me many lessons in life… but she taught me about myself. It is often said that a horse is the mirror to your soul. And in all of my time with Eternity, I knew this to be true.

When we adopted Eternity, we were told that she was born prematurely after her dam, Trinity, had made the long trek from Nevada to California with the rest of the Fish Creek Herd. Because of this, Eternity was predisposed to colic as she was underdeveloped. Although she had her bouts of colic throughout her earlier years, she was a fighter and always won. But in August 2012, my world was shattered and once again, life as I knew it changed. Eternity had just turned eight years old a couple months before and was in the prime of her life, and I, myself, was just eighteen. We received a call from the boarding facility to let us know she was colicking… but it was too late. The following morning, I had to make the hardest decision I have still to this day ever had to make. And just like that… my best friend was gone forever.

I was traumatized by how fast my life had changed overnight, by losing my girl who meant everything and more to me. She had become the biggest part of my life and even in the little things, her name was integrated into everything. After losing her, in my heart, I ran far away from horses and from the pain I was feeling. Three weeks later, I met my husband and from there life took me on a completely different journey. Even though I had found the love of my life… there was still a huge void in my heart, one I had yet to accept. After three years, I stopped running and finally realized that my heart is meant to be wild. Eternity was the mirror to my soul, her wild heart was mine. With her love and fire as the driving force, this is where the next chapter of my story begins.

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